Timelapse videos are a popular way to display the passing of time. Such timelapses can also be composed to a into a single photo. Using PhotoLapse, you can create single frame timelapses (also known as HDTR images) from photos taken in a long interval of time.

Download PhotoLapse

Download it

  • Just follow the link and download 'PhotoLapse.exe', no installation is required
  • If the application is blocked by SmartScreen: right click, select properties and unblock at the bottom
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 is required
Download PhotoLapse

Use it

  • Click the 'Load images' button to load the photos
  • Select the type of timelapse (gradient or stripes) and click render
  • Export the image by clicking save
Note: The source images must be aligned perfectly for a nice result. Take the photos from a tripod, or align them with a software.

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